Round-up of Secret Filming in Japanese Figure Skating Show “Prince Ice World”

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The administrator of Evgeni Plushenko Japanese Fan Forum had secretly filmed the show. Some of her twitter followers got carried away as well.
The administrator (fearfish0820 (also called Риэ, RieEnoki, kud*)) had uploaded the ice show videos on Youtube, with audiences' faces clearly identical.
(as a cultural background, without permission most Japanese detest showing their faces on the internet)
What is worse about these videos is that only the administrator's face had been processed to prevent identification.

After the upload of videos, some members warned her in Japanese forum to process the faces or delete videos because the faces are identical, but she ignored the comment.
She finally took her action when she received a comment from her follower on twitter telling them that she will tempolarily unpublicize the movies and show them after processing the faces not to be identified. However, only several videos became private and the others were still on web.

Her malicious action soon became a topic in 2ch (a largest Japanese anonymous BBS) etc. On facebook she started diminish people who warned her and fans of other skaters with her close twitter followers.
At the same time she posted an apology on her own blog and deleted all videos on Youtube. However, the apology was deleted in several hours (from her statement that she watches 2ch, she and her close followers might have been posting false protection in the correspondent thread)

A few hours later fearfish0820 deleted her twitter account, weblog, and Japanese fan forum.
There had been a co-administrator in the fan forum, but did feartish0820 deleted without any permission on midnight?

There are other problems related to fearfish0820:

  • "Unofficial Japanese" fan forums had same design of "official Russian" fan forum and this confused fans.
  • She interacted with Russian fan forum administrator on twitter, tried to make contact with Plushenko side, which is unconfirmed information.

Information about "Prince Ice World"
"Prince Ice World"is a first ice show in Japan since 1978. Performance in Tokyo was held on July 16-19, 2010.
The main attraction of this show is "fureai time (interaction time)" which is only for the audiences who purchased expensive ticket. The audiences can give flowers and presents to performers. They can also take conversations with performers, shake hands with them, and take photographs of them (but not with audiences).
In Japan only this show permits interaction with performers.
Filming is strictly prohibited in the show.

At the show held this July had quite different mood compared to previous Prince Ice World shows. At the fureai time fans' request were excessive that the closing time had extended, from the second day some of the show number had shortened*(unconfirmed information) and finally staffs announced not to have autographs or taking photographs with skaters. Overall the show was in great success.

fearfish0820 went to most of the shows in Tokyo, taking videos of Plushenko during his fan services, which was strictly prohibited. Clear faces of audiences talking with Plushenko and those taking pictures of him were on videos.

The biggest problems of this issue are that filming causes negative impact on Prince Ice World show and Plushenko performing in Japanese show.

Although filming is banned in the show, it was tolerated unless it does not disturb performers and audiences. This unwritten rule had been protected since the start of the show.

If fureai time will be abandoned, the show would lose its main attraction and Plushenko would not be called for the Prince Ice World. Japanese figure skating fans fear that these things will happen.
A victim reported this issue to the producer and they replied that they will take this issue seriously and take measure to it.

What fearfish0820 had done will destroy all the history of Prince Ice World show in Japan.

More translations will be posted later.

* new information added on Jul 27 2010